Discover How to Achieve Optimal Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

Take a Balanced Approach to Life!

Achieving a Healthy Balance: 

When was the last time you gave your mind a rest or even considered your spiritual needs.  These are important questions we should be asking ourselves as we often neglect both our mental and inner wellbeing.

When we are seeking to achieve a healthy, balanced, harmonious life we need to address all three; physical, mental and spiritual. If one of these aspects are neglected then we don’t feel like a whole person. At Nundah Yoga & Meditation we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to help you to achieve a balanced life.

A Holistic Place: 

You’re invited to this comfortable and cozy space for yoga asana and meditation classes that will carry you far away from the stress of this world and transport you to a place of peace!

All classes are conducted at the beautiful Nundah Community Centre right in the heart of Nundah. This space provides natural lighting, air conditioning, wooden floor boards, cross ventilation and a friendly warm atmosphere.

Our yoga asana classes are non-competitive and focus on safely progressing from easy to more challenging poses.  Our meditation classes are fully guided and no experience is required.

Yoga students satisfied
Yoga students very relaxed

Yoga – way more than just exercise!

Yoga Asana Classes

Yoga poses are something that just about everyone can add to their lives; young or old, male or female, fit and not so fit. At our classes, you’ll get to work at your own pace, encouraging your body to stretch and strengthen in it’s own time. 

Yoga is the most ancient system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being in the world. The aim of the different yoga processes is to ultimately help the individual achieve complete harmony. The different systems of yoga have techniques and practices ranging from physical postures (asanas), to the deepest stages of meditation, all aimed toward helping a person achieve optimum well-being.

Following ancient tradition, a yoga posture class at Nundah Yoga & Meditation will include a wonderful balance of asanas (exercise), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. This helps to increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, balances hormones, cleanse and flush all the internal systems of the body, reduce stress, calm the mind and experience inner peace.

When: Tuesday 6pm – 7pm

Pricing: $14 casual, $12 concession, $70 for 6 class pass

What to bring along: A water bottle and something warm to wear for the relaxation at the end during the cooler seasons.

What is provided: A yoga mat is provided for your first class. Then you will need BYO or we sell great quality mats in a variety of colors for only $30 each.

What to wear: Something comfortable that you can move freely in.

No need to book. But space is limited so try to be on time.

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Yoga Asana 3
Yoga Asana 1

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery. Discover meditation, discover yourself!

Deep Peace Meditation Classes

Whether you are a business person or a student under stress, man, women, young, old ~ whatever your situation in life, you can immediately begin to experience the benefits of meditation. This ancient tradition has been passed down from teacher to student free of charge for thousands of years and we at Nundah Yoga & Meditation believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to receive this gift.

Our classes are fully guided where we clearly explain how meditation works and teach practical tools which you can add to your life. So come along and experience perfect rest and recuperation at our Deep Peace Meditation Classes by immersing yourself in an evening of mantra meditation, interwoven with guided breathing and insights from sacred yoga texts, followed by a sweet treat! These ancient practices help overcome stress and anxieties, relieve tension and calm the mind.

What to expect: You can sit on a cushion or a chair. Everything is full guided and hand outs are provided so it is easy to follow along. Wear whatever you will feel comfortable sitting in and something to keep you warm during the cooler seasons.

What to bring:  Everything is provided, so just bring your enthusiasm and participation!

When: Tuesday 7.15pm – 8.30pm

No need to book. Free – Runs by donation

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Deep Peace 2
Deep Peace 3

Meet new friends, share a meal and immerse yourself in the most powerful practice of meditation!

Lifestyle Evenings

This is where we bring out more of the social vibe and share a delicious vegetarian dinner that your hosts Simon and Candace cook. Then after dinner our friends join us to form a meditation band were we sing yoga mantras accompanied by musical instruments like harmonium, guitar and drums. This form of mantra meditation has been described in the ancient yoga texts as the most effective form of meditation in this day and age because it not only engages the mind but also acts as purifying agent, clearing away of the clutter.

Kirtan, also know as mantra meditation when practiced in a group setting accompanied by instruments, focuses the mind very easily on the beautiful spiritual sound vibrations bringing about peacefulness and an inner calm. Taste that happiness which we are always searching for with a journey through sacred sound.

What to bring:  Everything is provided, so just bring your enthusiasm and participation!

When: Last Tuesday of each month, 7 pm – 8.45 pm

Includes: A delicious vegetarian meal.

No need to book: Free – Runs by donation

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Lifestyle Evening 3 (2)
Lifestyle Evening 3 (1)

Meet the hosts :)


Our classes are taught by friendly, down to earth instructors who share a passion to pass on the gift of yoga poses, meditation and healthy lifestyle tips.



Has been passionate about hatha yoga and meditation since he started practicing over 10 years ago. He likes the outdoors, is a health food critic and loves playing musical instruments. Simon creates a warm & friendly atmosphere with his calming presence. You’ll find him guiding you through the meditation classes and playing the guitar or drum to accompany the soothing meditation mantra’s.


With many years’ experience in teaching hatha yoga and meditation, Candace provides a creative blend of energy and fun with options suitable for all levels. Candace loves to sing, cook healthy food, organize events and rollerblade! You’ll find her instructing the yoga asana classes, guiding you through the meditation and playing her lovely instrument called a harmonium.


Has been a practitioner of meditation for over 40 years and has a deep understanding of the wonderful teachings which have been passed down from teacher to student since time immemorial. Kenaram likes to share his love of meditation and the deeper understanding that this tradition offers with others. You’ll find him talking about the timeless wisdom of meditation and playing his guitar to accompany the soothing mantra’s.

Everyone's talking about Us!

“I have now been attending Nundah Yoga for over a year and it is one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy the calm and friendly atmosphere. I like too that there are several levels to work with and new poses to challenge. Candace also takes special requests – concentrating on those areas of the body that need a bit of a workout! Candace is a wonderful teacher – always bright and bubbly and always encouraging.”

Fay Agee, Nundah Village

“WHY did it take me so long to get along to the Tuesday night meditation at Nundah Community Centre? NOW I can’t get enough of it. This is not meditation as I knew it but Kirtan chanting meditation.  I can’t wait to be transported away by the ethereal voices of Kenaram, Candace, Simon and friends. And then to join in the singing/chanting to magnify all that blissfulness. Not to mention the yoga – no poseurs here only gentle Asana poses:). It’s such a beautiful space where you can escape from the world that they generously provide to everyone who wants to come along. Thanks so much guys.”

Karen Hogg, Northlakes

“I have been going along to Nundah Yoga & Meditation for the past few years and can thoroughly recommend checking it out. The yoga classes are great – Candace and Simon are both awesome yoga teachers and very friendly, down to earth people who you can tell have such a passion for teaching others. The Deep Peace Meditation classes includes Kirtan (which I absolutely love!). It’s a great balance for me and I truly do miss it if I can’t go any time!”

Cheryl Horrocks, Eatons Hill

Simon and Candace